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Implementing God’s Plan

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This post is one about communication with God and communication in general as well as working through understanding.

Amazingly there can be life changing things accomplished by understanding one word. One word can make a huge difference if you can receive the word and work to understand it and plow it into every day life.

For most of the last 30 years of my life I have had a lot of money coming in. Some years more than others but in every year it was a decent income.

In every one of those years I have run a small business as well as having jobs outside the business.

This has always been a good model for me but the finances get intermingled and inevitably I never have enough money.

Another big problem with intermingled finances is that you never really know how much money your making. There is no flowchart of the finances and it’s a frustrating existence. Since you don’t know how much money you’re making it’s impossible to know how to tithe and in most cases you just take a stab at it and hope the Lord sees your heart.

A couple of months ago I was seeking God about my finances from the position of having a full time job and a business. As I said before I have been a sole proprietor for a long time and as such all of my income is treated as personal income from a tax standpoint. Therefore it never mattered to me separating business from personal.

As I sought God’s direction one Sunday when it was Bill paying time (like it is every Sunday for me), God gave me a direct word.....

I was seeking God to show me how to pay my bills and how to organize them. I thought He would give me the “Grand Plan”.

What I got, directly from God Almighty, was one word...... SEPARATION.

I was upset and depressed when I received it.

I wanted a Grand Plan of simple tasks and orderly instruction.

What I got was one word..... separation.

I laughed that day.... as I went to pay bills there was no possible way that I could untangle the finances. Money pours from one business account to another in a grotesquely inefficient manner and every account pays both personal and business bills.

There literally was no possible way to do otherwise and I just laughed it off that day and said “God, I get it but there is no way that I can do it today”.

Over the last few weeks I have considered how it could be done. I have had to take steps to move in this direction.

God gave me a word .... from that word I have to reinvent my financial life and it is a process that is still ongoing.

I took some big steps in the last few days and I have literally cut the cord between my business and my personal finances that make funds hard to flow as normal. There are still a few crossover points but within another 3 or 4 weeks I will have achieved it.

I can see the vision that God gave me in one word.

I am implementing it for God’s Glory and I can attest that right now today as a result of implementing this one word action plan straight from God that my finances are a mess LOL !

It absolutely will not work this way as of today...

But I can see now how it might work. There will be an extra layer of discipline injected into the process.

It took me a few weeks to understand it. It took another few weeks to implement it and I am sure it will take another few weeks to work out the bugs.

Right now I can say that I trust God and I trust His word he gave me. I am implementing that word to the best of my ability. I can tell you first hand that “it ain’t workin’!”.....

But I am doing it anyway.... that shows that I trust God.

When you get tuned into His frequency and you know it’s God telling you something and you have developed enough as a follower of Christ and you seek God and get His direction often times you won’t want to do it.... but you do it anyway!

This is evidence of not leaning to my own understanding but following God.

Right now I don’t see how it will work but I trust God and one day I can point backward to this time and know why it was the right thing to do.

For now I’m in trouble and I don’t see a way forward but I trust God and I know that he sees it.

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