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These days, getting closer to the finish line of life comes clearer.

God has me here for a purpose. The time is now to get about developing that purpose to the fullest.

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days so that we gain a heart of wisdom

Time is short and getting focused on what’s important is wise.

God gave me a talent in music and I have not developed it fully in the last 50 years. God is not pleased. I will produce as much of what is inside me as I can in the next 20 years if I live that long.

It’s not about being good at music. It’s all about letting the music inside you come out.

Most times when you do people are amazed. They think “I had no idea that was inside him!”

In the next 30 days I will finish and release my first ever original song.

I notice watching it come together that it is an original sound. A sound never heard before. People know that I am a musician and many have seen me play over the years but none have ever seen me deliver an original song that was not a part of a bigger collaboration.

Many who will hear it will say it sounds so familiar. All of the influences poured into me since 1961.

But it is a new song. A new idea springing forth. Something that would not have happened had I not lived.

Surprisingly there were many road blocks to writing and recording this song (You’re my God). I just now realized that I was married when God gave me this song. The song in my heart is coming through. It will be finished and I am no longer married. That’s real strange. The song remains the same. The attitude of my heart is the same. God has a plan and this is all a part of it. He is shaping me.

This song will be released and put into the universe. The Universe will be affected for good. It may be a tiny change but change will happen. The song is an impulse into humanity.

What can you do to change the world?

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