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What are you most ill-equipped to do for God

What are most ill-equipped to do for God?

We all have talents and abilities. If you refer to the parable of the talents we know that God wants us to invest those talents and gain a return on them. That's a subject for another blog post.

What about your inabilities?

Sometimes we need to be aware that God will use the most unlikely person to accomplish His mission. In this way God shows the world His greatness because there is no possible way that the person could have accomplished what God intended on their own.

Has God asked you to something and you replied to God "there is no way I can do this Lord..."

In Exodus Chapter 3 God told Moses to be the person to go to Egypt and lead His people out of bondage. In chapter 4 Moses asked God to send someone else because Moses told God that he could not speak well.

This made God angry. Moses was speaking directly to God while in the presence of God and Moses basically told God "God, I don't see this happening... I think you have the wrong guy".

Now just think for a minute.... how could God be wrong in His selection for someone to speak on His behalf? Moses thought so.

God allowed Moses to use Aaron as the person to speak in front of the people. Aaron was a good public speaker, yet God had wanted Moses to do it.

Moses would have had to be way outside his comfort zone. Any message that Moses delivered to people would have been a bigger miracle showing the greatness of God.

What are you terrible at?

For me it is organized planning and execution of the details. I am a big picture, global strategy person. I get the big idea and leave the small details for others.

God has been on me for months to master the small details. This puts me outside my comfort zone. This puts me in a pressure cooker. I get lost in details. I cannot organize details. It seems to me that focusing on the details inhibits the flow of ideas. I like the free form flow of ideas. There are never too many ideas for me and I am always coming up with new ideas.

It becomes apparent to me that maybe just maybe God knows that using me to accomplish the organization of small details may Glorify God!

Maybe just maybe God knows that if the work that I am involved with flows efficiently through the identification and execution of a finite list of routine small details He may get his work accomplished and the world will know it is God doing the work because there is no way that Mike Mixson is capable of doing such a work.

This gives me some relief and an action plan. I thank God that He is showing me this.

How does it apply in your life? Are there things that you are no good at? Is God asking you to do some of those things?

When I see the big picture and I start to know that it is a formulation of small details and a timeline that are stopping the work I draw encouragement from this knowing that only God will be able to accomplish this work through me. There is no other way. It must be God.

It makes me be disciplined and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It starts with me praying "God, I cannot do this without Your help and guidance"

This is precisely the work that God wants you to accomplish.

Find the stumbling blocks to your dream. Zero in on what you cannot possibly do. Seek God and ask Him to do these things through you for His Glory.

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