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People make mistakes, God is faithful

I have been studying Genesis lately and was reassured by the study when I rediscovered how many of God's chosen people made mistakes.

On more than one occasion Abraham lied about his relationship with his wife because he was afraid of rulers who may have tried to kill him and take his wife.

Abraham was afraid. God would have protected him but he was afraid nevertheless.

Abraham told a falsehood to some of these powerful people more than once. Each time it caused problems but God never turned his back on Abraham.

Jacob's mother made up and idea for Jacob to steal his brother's birthright and Jacob went through with the plan. God had promised her that Jacob would be the more powerful (blessed) one and yet she thought she had to try to help God.

God doesn't need our help. God wants us to be surrendered to Him.

This is difficult for someone like me who is a Type A personality. I want to work for God. This work can yield results for God but not reward for me as a servant.

So a key factor is being available for God. Seek and follow Him. Let God to the work.

Above all, realize that God is faithful and will not give up on me no matter how big of an error that I choose to make.

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