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God demands my attention

God is funny. He has a great sense of humor and sometimes He gets riled up !

Today as I was driving down the interstate God told me that He wanted to talk to me about something.

I was listening to Rick Warren on YouTube.

The Lord made the phone quit working.

Then I got the phone working again as I was listening to YouTube on my radio and it started raining so loud that I could not hear the radio.

Then a lightning bolt flashed right in front of my truck and I laughed and said, ”OK Lord... I am focusing my attention on You!”

He began to tell me that He was delivering me from a decade of trials. He was going to deliver me from the problems that seemed like they would never end.

He told me that He was going to use me to minister to people through my music.

He told me that I would participate in a church of real believers who were following Him to change the world !

After He was through it was time for me to get off the interstate and He told me “you can go back to Rick Warren now...”

God.... He is such a comedian sometimes.

I love God.

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