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GO... to the land I will show you

God says GO..... leave your country, your people and your father's household to the land that I will show you ~ Genesis 12:1

This is the essence of faith. Move. God says Move and the faithful ones move.

As many of my friends know, my life has recently gone through a dramatic life change. It has marked the end of a long and very good chapter but change has come. Life will not ever be the same. The life I have known has come to an end to the Glory of God.

Now I must respond to the calling of God on my life and GO. I am challenged to travel to a land that He will show me where all things will be new.

Abram was 75 years old when God told him to GO. Wow! I'm a spring chicken compared to Abram!

Abram was faithful and answered the call. God blessed the entire world due to His faithfulness.

The real question in my mind is will I be faithful and answer God's calling on my life?

My heart's desire is to say YES! I desire to answer God's calling on my life and GO to the land that God will show me in order to be a blessing.

This past weekend I took some time off to get away from my hometown. It's a pretty rare occurrence for me to actually spend the night away from home. Typically I am in my own bed every night and every night I thank God for my bed and the roof over my head.

This past weekend I was away from home and time slowed down. I distinctly remember moments during this weekend experience where it seemed as if time actually stopped. There was no speed to the rotation of the earth. There were no centrifugal forces trying to tear me apart. There were many moments of peace and calm. I actually enjoyed watching people walk their dogs, ride their bikes and do relaxing things.

Now my challenge is to tune in to God's frequency and GO to the land that He will show me where all things are new and I can be used to the Glory of God to be a blessing to new people. God is sending me. I dare not hold onto the things of the past. As easy and comfortable as it would be to stay put I must answer the call and GO.

This is the only way that I can fulfill what God has chosen me to do. I must be willing to GO. I must be willing to move. I must take steps of faith. I must boldly GO.

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