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Discovery Bible Study Starts 4.08.21

I invite you to consider joining me for a discovery bible study at my shop 6228 Airpark Drive Chattanooga, TN - Thursday April 8th, 2021.

Are you wondering about God and how your life fits in to His plan?

Let's discover God together on Thursday evenings.

It is a relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself. Together we will learn about God and His plan.

I have faith in God and real everyday struggles. Many times my experience seems to fly in direct opposition to God but my heart keeps drawing me to know Him more.

My faith is real and I live it out every day. Nothing fake and I work to have more discipline in my life and follow God.

This life can be so difficult and often times stagnant.

Together we can learn during the lean times and celebrate the victories.

You are invited to join me.

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