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More About Praise Chamber

The Praise Chamber is a concept that God allowed me to have the vision for back in 2008.

The concept was simple.  Create an environment that was perfect for getting lost in Praising God.  A place where you would lift your voice and raise your hands in total surrender and praise of our Heavenly Father.

God allowed this vision to come into reality.

I can distinctly remember standing in the driveway on a blustery fall afternoon feeling like God and the entire forces for good in this world were surrounding me and bringing me into perfect alignment of growing the Kingdom of God.

The attacks of the evil forces in this world wiped me out completely like a tsunami.

In this tsunami, the years rolled by and I was reeling with loss after loss.   Many parts of my family were taken away in death and divorce.  My business was taken away going from $5 million in annual revenue to zero.

These adverse circumstances derailed my vision for The Praise Chamber and it faded into non-existence like so many other areas of my life.

The entire time God had a plan for me.  God never gave up on the plan for my life.  There is only Plan A and this is all a part of it.

Today, the flame for The Praise Chamber is still burning and God will allow us to come together again and sing His Praises.

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