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Stay in the Spirit....

I have had many encouraging people in my life in the last couple of years. God's people reaching out to me, helping me on my journey and I am very appreciative of them.

In the last year one of my mentors told me to Pray - Listen - Obey. This sequence is an amazing place to be. It sets you up for Spirit led living.

My life has been a waterfall of events over the last year or two where the events happening to me come faster than I can process them.

As many of you know I recently went through a divorce. I won't bore anyone with the details because they are typical. Two of God's children ended a marriage. It is what it is.

Throughout this last year I have held down 2 and 3 jobs plus run a business. My financial position mandates having a good full time job plus doing what I can for the business to operate and make money. Add to that CV-19 and you have a real mixed bag of outcomes that have been challenging to say the very least.

My business is seasonal and in November through January I struggle.

Last fall I got recruited to work for a local factory to support their expansion. This job came right on time as my business slowed down. It provided an injection of income that made everything possible.

In early June I was recruited to work for the US Navy on facilities support. It would mean that I would have to travel and work away from home quite a bit. I am a person who likes to be home (to sleep) and as I prayed about this job and sought God it seemed as if God wanted me to accept the job.

The company stayed after me and eventually sent me over an offer letter. It was a nice salary with benefits. The customer is the US Navy. I did think to myself that there could be no better customer to work for because they were not going anywhere and if they did the whole world would be blown up so I saw it as SOLID.

It made no sense to travel when my current job is 5 minutes from my house. Everything was tidy and our customer was happy with us. Our boss told us we would be there at least 5 more years in early June.

It made very little sense for me to take this new job and I wrestled with the Spirit allowing me to feel at peace regarding taking the job.

I told the Navy that I would do the job and I started on the process of getting background checked, etc.

The whole time I did not know how to tell my current boss.

I asked for a few meetings with my current boss and we could never get together. I was going to tell him that I wanted a few weeks off without pay to go get a handle on the job which could be largely work from home I felt. I wanted to do both jobs because I felt like I would work the current job during the day and the Navy job after hours.

Finally my current boss told me we could get together and that afternoon he dropped by my office and motioned for me to come to his office to talk.

I was ready with my sales pitch when I walked in there and before my butt cheeks hit the seat he told me that I was being laid off.

I was completely blind sided by the news and immediately started praising God for his perfect provision.

I had arranged for a week of vacation from the current job just to go to my first week of orientation at the Navy job but being told that my current job was over really blew me away.

The Spirit of God had told me to take the Navy job when I had absolutely no reason to understand how it could possibly be a good idea compared to a good job 5 minutes from home.

God knew the details and the exact timing of all events. Immediately I was so encouraged that God has a plan and this is all a part of it.

Now I will go and find out why God wants me to go to work for the Navy. It gives me confidence knowing that all of these things are working out for my good and I cannot wait to see how God will use me.

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