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Relax for a little while

Constant battle is not good for the soul. It is important to retreat and rest.

Life is a series of starts and stops with brief sessions of rolling at speed. Rolling at speed feels the best because you know that you are traveling however rolling at constant speed is impossible all the time.

You have to start - roll and then stop. When you stop it is time to let your energy gather and mentally prepare for the next battle.

God made the earth in 6 days and then He rested. This gave us a model for our lives.

The rhythm of my life lately has been intense battle every week with brief weekend rest. The rest never seems enough but at this stage I know how important it is.

I recognize how important getting moments of rest are to gain an energy recharge because the next wave of battle will be overwhelming.

When I know that intense battles are right in front of me I must rest and get ready.

These moments are precious. A calm before the storm. A time of resting for me while God continued to work.

I dread the battles to come. I am worn out from it all. Surely God will deliver me to calm waters and green pastures soon. I have faith that God will do just that. He told me so.

Today I rest. Tomorrow I will get some rest.

Then I fight the battle with intensity to the Glory of God..... then a brief rest.

The rest is sweet.

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