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Life is a Roller Coaster

Life is a Roller Coaster.

The pace of life changes from time to time. Sometimes the pace is very fast and I like it that way most of the time. Activity brings excitement and new things, meeting new people and fun experiences.

Then at times the pace of life slows way down. Progress sometimes seems non-existent and it can seem like a quagmire. It seems like no matter how hard you try things seem to get worse.

Today was one of those sorts of days. I had to spend all day at work from 7am until 7pm. It was a rainy mess and not a lot of progress was made at the construction site I am working at.

I found myself wondering how this day was going to help in the grand scheme of things. There were not many people around and the work activities were very mundane.

I found myself wanting to do things that were going to move my life forward. This is my mindset most every day and some days are a good ride. This day was an especially slow and uneventful day in my life and in many ways I consider it a wasted day.

Something that I have faith in is that while I did not have an especially effective day I also know that God was working. Even though I could not feel it I knew that God was at work on many things in my life that are to come to fruition over the course of time.

That is a beautiful part of a faith walk. I know that God did some miraculous things on my behalf today.

I missed going to church today and I know some people missed me. I am sure they were asking themselves “where is Mixson?” And I was somewhere else wishing that I could have been there. I wanted to make some music today and work on a video but I was stuck there working in the slop.

God reminded me that while my day seemed like a waste that He was working on my behalf.

John 5:17 says that Jesus replied to the church leaders about his healing people on The Sabbath “my Father is always at His work to this very day, and I too am working”.

Working on communicating my faith journey is something that I like to do on Sundays and this was taken away from me today.

The slowness of the day and seeming complete lack of value in the product of the day had me thinking it was all just a waste.

This evening God showed me that while my day wasn’t very productive that He was at work and there is no telling what sort of amazing progress He made for me.

Just knowing that God worked for me today was a resting place for a hard charger like myself. Thankfully while I was literally stuck in the mud, God was at work making my future brighter. He was bringing me closer to my destiny and He was setting in motion places for me to go and lining up people for me to share His love with.

After dinner I realized that I could at least enter a blog post talking about the ebb and flow of life and the realization that God is working when we cannot see it and He is doing amazing things. Maybe a simple blog post would be an encouragement for someone out there who had feelings like mine that the day was wasted. Maybe someone who reads this can be encouraged that God didn‘t have a wasted day and that the results of His actions will be known to you very soon.

I can’t wait to see and realize the amazing things that God did for me today when I thought nothing was happening at all.

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