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It comes and goes but....

Born and raised in the bible belt is a blessing. Started in church and raised by a community of God’s people who were looking out for me for the largest part.

My times as a young person were a blessing of constant church activities and plenty of biblical teaching.

I got saved at age 9 and was eager to learn about God. The retreats and trips I was a part of were amazing yet devoid of great music.

This was the curse of the times. The transition from Glen Miller to Woodstock was a tough one culturally and God’s music was suppressed and my generation suffered as a result.

At last, today we don’t have those burdens.

Today’s burden for young Christians is something different. It seems as if The American Dream is getting woven into the church experience.

The good news is that there is an amazing revival coming. One like the world has never seen.

I am praying that we don’t blow it. We must make the focus be The Glory of God and his love for us demonstrated by Christ coming here and showing us how to live. Jesus taking on the sin of the world so that we have a pathway to becoming children of God must be our focus.

The Joy of The Lord is on me from time to time. It comes and goes.

Lately the dark times get really dark and then the Joy of The Lord comes back when I focus my mind on Him.

Today I felt The Joy of The Lord in my soul. This after a very dark day yesterday.

I trust God and I know that the things of this world will soon pass away.

But God goes on forever and thanks to Jesus I have a future in the Kingdom and no matter what happens for the rest of my life on this earth I will enter the Kingdom and hear “well done!”

Now, with each passing day I do not fear tomorrow. No matter what happens I have the treasure that is Christ and God the Father will welcome me.

My encouragement for you today is to fill your

mind with the knowledge of God’s plan and find God in everything because He is there. By this you can understand Christ’s sacrifice for you and find Joy in knowing that the God of the universe will use all things for your good.

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