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Mike Mixson

Welcome to my website

As my journey continues I understand that I am to serve God and His people with all of my talents and abilities.  This website is dedicated to that end.

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Mike Mixson

The Full Story

Yearning to serve the cause of Christ by submitting to God through Salvation,  following through obedience,  training through studying God's Word,  treating other people well,  and sharing with others what God has done and is doing in my life.  Submitting all areas of life to God and His Authority and showing submission to the Lord through actions in ways that honor God and change the lives of others.


Mike Mixson

Can Serve You



Songwriting, recording, live worship, arranging, playing instruments, vocals, live sound mixing, studio musicians, mix engineer, system design, live sound optimization and team encouragement are a few of the things I can do to help you.  Contact me and let's talk.



You want your church to grow.   Growth is essential as we are expanding the Kingdom of God.    Identifying growth areas and planning for growth can be rolled out and this is part of my calling.


Share Experiences

My life belongs to Christ.  What He chooses to do with it is my privilege to execute for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.   I look forward to helping you in any way possible.  Just reach out to me and let's get a conversation going. 

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Always Open

How can we work together to enhance the Kingdom of God.  How will our collaboration allow things to improve.  Let's communicate about it and see what God has in store.

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Get in Touch

6228 Airpark Dr
Chattanooga, Hamilton County 37421

(423) 779-8949

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